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Al Chez  Band 

Featuring the Brothers of Funk

                                              Big Band 

Al Chez's - Brothers of Funk:


In 2008, Al met up with musicians, 

Jimmy Steele and  Jarred Streiff

while working in the Rochester, NY area.

The result, The Brothers of Funk Big Band.  This high energy band, (which features sisters too) averages 15 amazing talented cats from the NY area, as well as special players sitting in at any given gig.  


Along with unique musical arrangements of

Rock-Soul-Jazz-Blues-Standards and original tunes, frontman Al Chez stratospheric trumpet playing and soulful vocals, make  for a magical memorable show!

Check the events page for some shows in your area.


2015 was   off to a running start with the CD Release Party and Concert at The Stanhope House, which will have an encore performance on September 11, at the same location.


CD's are available via hard copy here, and find it also on digital download on the web.


Al Chez and his Brothers of Funk Big Band are in the process of recording 2 more CDs with a Fall release on the next one.


Join the mailing list to be contacted on its arrival.


Jazz Festials - Theatres - Private Parties

If you wish to inquire about bookings or tour dates in your area visit our contact page and drop us a message.




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